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Sumner County Veterans Home Remodel

by Amy Bollman

When Brauer originally heard of a need for some work done at the Sumner County Veterans Home in Gallatin, TN, we knew we had to help. And not just help by giving a donation. We knew we needed to do something BIG. Something that would show our local Veterans just how much we appreciate them.

In partnership with Benchmark Construction, Brauer has helped to completely gut and rebuild four different units to make them like new and even made one wheelchair accessible for a vet that needed a place to live that could accommodate his specific needs.

When we first toured the units, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Some of them looked like they had literally fallen apart at the seams. There were holes in the floors, old rotting dry-wall, and some very unsafe living conditions. Seeing this confirmed our decision to help out and we immediately knew we were doing the right thing.

Just take a look at some of these before photos.

5V2A1187_1.jpg   5V2A1198.jpg



We revisited the Veterans Home a couple of times during the renovations to discuss their current needs and to take some progression photos. Here are some photos mid-way through the process. 

5V2A0870.jpg   5V2A0875.jpg


5V2A0866 - Copy.jpg

It was already a dramatic change from the first time we toured the units. You could just see how nice they were going to turn out and that got everyone really excited. 

And then there was the final tour.... 

5V2A1725.jpg    5V2A1730.jpg


5V2A1726.jpg    5V2A1728.jpg

WOW! The change is shocking!

These units are now safe, clean, and occupied by some amazing local veterans. We can't thank Benchmark Construction enough for everything they did to help us make this happen. Not only did they do the work, but they also got most of the materials donated! 

After everything was completed we were awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Sumner County Veterans Home. 


And we will finish by saying that Brauer loves giving back, especially when it comes to Veterans and those still serving. They are the bravest of the brave and they sacrifice so much for us to enjoy our freedom. We ask that you please pay it forward whenever possible and be sure to thank our military and Veterans so they know that they are appreciated. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Amy Bollman

Amy Bollman

Amy is the Marketing Manager at Brauer. She has been with the company since 2007 and worked as a Service Coordinator as well the Service Supervisor before moving into the Marketing Manager position.

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