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Order Your Virus Disinfectant Kit!

by Amy Bollman


This kit was designed to help fight Covid-19 and works for other viruses as well! 


Was $54.95   NOW ONLY $34.95 

While supplies last!

The Kit includes:

  • 1 Viral disinfectant concentrate
  • 1 Mixing Bottle
  • 4 Empty quart bottles
  • 2 Trigger Sprayers
  • 2 Flip top caps
  • 4 Microfiber Towels
  • Detailed Instructions

Check List of High Touch Critical Surfaces:

  • Tables
  • Light switches
  • Door knobs
  • Hand rails
  • Window sills
  • Desk tops
  • Chairs
  • Telephones
  • Door frames

This kit makes it simple for anyone to make a hospital grade disinfectant using their own water with this disinfectant cleaner.  The virucidal disinfectant solution is effective on Human Corona Viruses including COVID-19 as well as many other viruses including Influenza, H1N1 FLU, RSV, & many more. It is also effective against  a host of bacterial pathogens.  This kit is perfect for small businesses, retail, restaurants and industrial facilities that want to have a reliable solution for their own business continuity plans to deal with a possible pandemic. 

This disinfectant is Listed on the Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) “Products that Help Stop the Spread of Novel Corona Virus” and can be used to inactivate COVID-19 in accordance with the EPA’s Emerging Pathogens Policy.  Not all disinfectants can make this claim, especially consumer based products. 

Makes 6 full quart of Hospital Grade Disinfectant sufficient to disinfectant 18,000 square feet of surface area.

Therefore, this disinfectant cleaner can be used against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) when used in accordance with directions for use against Adenovirus type 7 on hard, non-porous surfaces.

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Amy Bollman

Amy Bollman

Amy is the Marketing Manager at Brauer. She has been with the company since 2007 and worked as a Service Coordinator as well the Service Supervisor before moving into the Marketing Manager position.

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