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How to Set Up Brauer's Service Call Assistant App

by Amy Bollman


Setting up the app is easy

Just follow the steps below to start saving your business time and money!

Prefer video? Watch the video below instead! 

Step 1

Open up the app store or Google Play on Android.


Note that steps 2-7 show pictures of an Apple product walkthrough and may not be exactly the same for other types of smart phones.

Step 2

Search for "brauer". You'll see "brauer service call assistant" populate.


Step 3

Once the search finishes you should see this image.


Step 4

Press "get", enter your Apple ID or Google Play password, and the button should switch to "install".


Step 5

Press "install" to begin downloading the Brauer app!


Step 6

After the app finishes downloading, you should see the button switch to "open".


Step 7

Press "open" to go inside the app!


Step 8

Press "sign up" to get to this page.


Step 9

Fill out your information and press submit to begin the Brauer approval process.

Step 10

Schedule a time for us to install your QR tags at your convenience via the email that will be in your inbox after your submission!

*We can typically come as early as the next business day or during your next scheduled maintenance service!*

Step 11

Start saving time and money!

Would you rather talk to someone about the app? 

Email or call the Brauer Sales Department at 1-800-645-6083!

Amy Bollman

Amy Bollman

Amy is the Marketing Manager at Brauer. She has been with the company since 2007 and worked as a Service Coordinator as well the Service Supervisor before moving into the Marketing Manager position.

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